Odate City is located in Akita Prefecture in northern Japan. It's famous for being the hometown of the faithful and legendary Akita dog Hachi. Hachi's was known for waiting for 10 years for master's return at Shibuya station.

Come and stay at a local farm in Odate! You will fully enjoy authentic regional cooking lessons and farming experiences! You're sure to fall in love with Odate and want to visit again and again. 

Access Information (from Tokyo area)

1. By train and bus
(The simplest and most economic way if you do not have JR pass but want to take the Shinkansen)

   Tokyo / Ueno / Omiya --> Morioka: 
                                      Tohoku Shinkansen

   Morioka --> Odate: 
                      Highway bus ("Michinoku-gou")

2. By train
(The best way for travelers with a JR pass)

   Tokyo / Ueno / Omiya --> Shin-Aomori: 
                                        Tohoku Shinkansen

   Shin-Aomori --> Odate: JR Ou line

3. By plane
(The fastest way)

    Tokyo Haneda --> Odate-Noshiro Airport 
     (2 flights/day)

4. By highway night bus
(The most economic way)

     Ikebukuro / Omiya (Saitama) --> Odate

* Odate sta. --> Farm inns: approx. 20 - 30 min. by car

* Odate-Noshiro Airport --> Odate sta.: approx. 45 min by shuttle bus

Odate Cultural Activity Promotion Committee (in Japanese.: Odate Marugoto Taiken Suishin Kyogikai) welcomes you with unique experiences such as farming, Onsen, and Kiritampo/local dish cooking etc. The keywords are "Learning", "Experience", and "Communication". For any questions do not hesitate to contact us! 

Odate Cultural Activity Promotion Committee Administration Office (in Odate City Tourism Division)

Address: Odate-shi, Aza Sannomaru 13-19
017-0031, Akita, Japan
Tel: +81 (0)186 43 7072
Fax: +81 (0)186 49 5551
Email: marugoto.odate@gmail.com

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