Authentic Kiritampo Cooking Lesson

Kiritampo is a famous traditional Akita dish from Odate. The city is the main producer of Hinai chicken, a must-have for Kiritampo hot pot. Kiritampo is often eaten at home and especially when hosting relatives. In this cooking lesson, you can enjoy the authentic hot pot with Hinai chicken. 

Kiritampo Trivia!

The Kiritampo we put in hot pots are cut pieces of "tampo", the intact grilled rice stick. "kiri" means "cut" in Japanese. 

This activity is available year-round 

  • Location: Cooking classroom or farm inns in Odate 
  • Duration: 2 hours 
  • Min. number of participants: 4 (In case farm stay: 1) 
  • Fee: per person w/o tax
       - Educational group trip: 2000 JPY
       - Adult:  From 2500 JPY 

Includes Tampo with miso glaze and Kiritampo hot pot. For farm inn guests, the cost is included in the price 

Reservation: at least 1 week in advance 

 * Please contact us with requests and questions about activities and scheduling.  

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