Farm Inn Sakekoshimai

The farm owner and his wife welcome all guests with warm hearts and friendly smiles.

Not only farming, but also calligraphy lessons are available at the farm. In the evening, you can enjoy a traditional dance performed by the owners.

 Owner: Mr. Toshitaka Yamauchi
 Address: Odate-shi, Kasuda, Muranishi 63
 Wi-Fi: Available

Farming/Farm life experience at Sakakoshimai

  • Year-round: Calligraphy
  • Spring: Rice planting, Wild vegetables harvesting, Grape vine pruning, Plowing
  • Summer: Summer vegetables harvesting, Weeding, Driving tractor
  • Autumn: Harvesting rice, grape, vegetables, Straw craft and straw rope making, Pickles making
  • Winter: Wood chopping, Grape vine pruning, Snowshoe walking

* If you're interested in the Farming/Farm life experience, tell us about that when booking accommodation (depending on contents or/and duration, additional fee will be charged).

* Contents depend on season and weather.

Sakakoshimai photo & video gellery

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